Nick Offerman: More Than A Mustache


Welcome to Day Four of our exploration into all things Nick Offerman. As we approach the day (Wednesday, June 3 at 7pm) when Offerman is here at BookPeople, live and in person (with his new book, Gumption), we’re digging up all of the information we can find (and that Wikipedia provides) on the Renaissance man known as comedian, actor, woodworker and bestselling author, Nick Offerman. Like all deep-thinking, truth-telling, well-intended projects, ours has a name:

Nick Offerman: More Than A Mustache

Nick Offerman More than a Mustach 4

Fascinating Tidbit #4: DID YOU KNOW that Nick Offerman IS America? If Gumption is not evidence of his faith in the power of the individual, than his own initiative, resourcefulness and D.I.Y. spirit are. For what image better captures the American Dream than someone paddling towards their destiny in a self-built canoe?

Check out our Instagram for more reasons why Offerman is #MoreThanAMustche (@bookpeople)! Of course, the only way to truly get to know a person is to look into his eyes and say, “Hey. Who are you?” You’ll have the chance to do just that when Offerman is here at BookPeople June 3rd! (Tickets now available via

One thought on “Nick Offerman: More Than A Mustache

  1. Reblogged this on smidgeofink and commented:
    A man of many talents…great actor in the hit series Parks and Recreation, as well as an inspirational D-I-Y genius, his autobiography Paddle Your Own Canoe sounds definitely worth a read, and if you haven’t witnessed his immense acting skills, he is DEFINITELY worth a watch too!

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