At Long Last! The Stand Up Sit Down Book Club Crashes And Burns!!!!!!!

theartielangeshowArtie Lange should be dead. With the sheer volume of heroin he’s shoveled up his nose, hydrocodone he’s gobbled, and scotch he’s waterfalled down his throat, the ratio of his overall cellular composition must heavily favor poison over human DNA at this point. Any one of his overdoses, crashed cars, or nervous breakdowns should have been enough to stop his manic heart once and for all. Then there’s the botched suicide that left him retching bleach for weeks and his apartment soaked in blood. By all rights, Artie Lange is a dead man, and yet he lives.

After years of insanity – both inborn and drug-fueled – Artie Lange, longtime cohost of The Howard Stern Show, MADtv alumnus, and bestselling author of Too Fat to Fish, epically flamed out. As he destroyed himself with drugs and alcohol, his personal and professional lives crumbled around him, leaving him a flaming thunderhead of misery and excess. Crash and Burn, the sophomore collection of autobiographical essays by the infamously tortured and notoriously inflammatory comic, is the unlikely redemption story of a seemingly hopeless case. Artie Lange has visited Hell, and Crash and Burn is his guidebook.

Join the Stand Up Sit Down Book Club on Monday May 25th at 7:00 p.m. in the cafe at BookPeople to discuss Crash and Burn by Artie Lange and share your love of comedy and comedic literature with a gregarious group of like-minded goofballs. The Stand Up Sit Down Book Club meets on the last Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at BookPeople to discuss all that is great and grotesque in the world of comedy, writing, and comedy writing. This Monday, grab a copy of Crash and Burn by Artie Lange, put your laughing hat on, head over to BookPeople, and be sure to remove your laughing hat. It’s impolite to wear your laughing hat at the table.


– Steve(n) W.

One thought on “At Long Last! The Stand Up Sit Down Book Club Crashes And Burns!!!!!!!

  1. I agree, Artie should be dead. I also think he is extremely self-destructive and until he deals with the emotions and issues he has with his father’s death. So much of his life could change if he just let go of the guilt.

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