Simon Majumdar Brings FED, WHITE & BLUE to BookPeople!

Besides the official documents, what more is needed to form a true American citizenship? British food critic, travel writer and Food Network regular Simon Majumdar expands the requirements in Fed, White and Blue: Finding America with My Fork. Join us on Wednesday, April 22 at 7PM when he joins us in-store to discuss his travels and sign books.

Forget studying political systems, Majumdar traverses the United States to understand the country through his area of expertise: food. From Filipino cooking in Los Angeles to a Kansas-style Shabbat dinner, fishing for salmon in Alaska and even tailgating at a Longhorn football game, the author is eager to understand local traditions and even get his hands dirty. This outsider’s perspective will expand readers’ understanding of the United States’ rich and diverse food cultures while offering refreshing insight into the question of what it means to be an American.

Majumdar is also author of the books Eat my Globe: One Year to Go Everywhere and Eat Everything and Eating for Britain: A Journey Into the Heart (and Belly) of the Nation. You can catch him judging dishes on the Food Network shows Iron Chef America, Cutthroat Kitchen, and The Next Iron Chef. He has been a U.S. citizen since September 17, 2014.

Can’t make it to the event? You can order a signed, personalized copy of Fed, White and Blue. We ship worldwide. Simply write “SIGNED COPY” and the name for the personalizations in the Comments field during checkout.

“I have crisscrossed this country a dozen times by car, by motorcycle, by train and light aircraft. I’ve eaten a thousand meals from the glaciers of Alaska to the bars of Key West.  And if Simon Majumdar asked me to join him on a journey across that same edible landscape tomorrow, I’d go without hesitation, because, every mile (and meal) would be new again.”—Alton Brown, host of Iron Chef and Cutthroat Kitchen

“The dangerously obsessive, staggeringly knowledgeable, provocative and opinionated Simon Majumdar knows his shit. No question about it….Plus—the bastard can write.”—Anthony Bourdain, author of Kitchen Confidential and Medium Raw

Simon Majumdar on what it takes to become an Iron Chef:

Cutthroat After-Show: Two Chefs, One Toga (with Alton Brown)

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