Bunnies, chicks, and eggs, oh my!

bunny display

It’s that time of year when everything, even familiar things, feels new again. We smile more, the air is clear (unless you count the pollen), the bluebonnets are back, and we are starting to break out our warmer-weather clothing. It’s spring! Spring has to be one of the prettiest seasons in BookKids. Easter and spring books shine in a palate of pastels and a rainbow of soft hues – lavenders, pinks, yellows, greens, and robin egg blue. We have picked a few of our springtime favorites that, while none are new books, feel new once again. Perfect choices for Easter baskets or reading on a patch of green grass in the warm spring sun.


Egg in the Hole by Richard Scarry
I’m not sure if I love this book because it has a chicken in a drindl dress or because I remember when I used to read it to my son when he was a baby. Either way, I think it’s adorable!


The Golden Egg Book by Margaret Wise Brown
One day a lonely bunny finds an egg. As he ponders what secrets it may hide, he pushes it with his foot, jumps on it, even rolls it down a hill to try to satisfy his curiosity. Little does the bunny know that a new friend awaits him, ready to come out when the time is just right. This book is classic for a reason – the sweet story and the exquisite illustrations still bring a smile to my face no matter how many times I read it.

Meghan G.~

A Boy & His Bunny by Sean Bryan
Have you ever woken up with a bunny on your head? Well, if you have, you will understand the challenges of that situation. Luckily, as this adorably absurd story illustrates, there are a whole lot of things you can still do with a bunny on your head! After all, peanut butter can be spread, books can be read, you can even build a tool shed . . . with a great big bunny sitting on your head.


Peggy: A Brave Chicken on a Big Adventure by Anna Walker
Peggy is a country, or suburban, chicken. She is friends with passing pigeons, but is quite content in her comfortable, familiar, and safe life. When a strong wind picks her up and transports her to the big city, she’s quite out of sorts. But Peggy, being the affable and chill chick that she is, rolls with it and enjoys her day exploring the city and making new friends. Some friendly feathered faces and a sunny sunflower – a familiar sign of home – lead her back to her country yard. I love the soft illustrations that are full of humor, warmth, and charming details. Delightful!

John G.~

Tales of Bunjitsu Bunny by John Himmelman
Isabel Bunny is the best student in the art of Bunjitsu. She can kick higher with her bunny feet and hit harder with her bunny paws, but her greatest weapon is her mind. The book is made up of short stories, and in each one, Isabel learns that wisdom prevails more often than physical ability. This is such a fun first chapter book that it taught even me a few good lessons. And I love the artwork, especially the action scenes starring Isabel.


Watership Down by Richard Adams
Watership Down has been one of my favorite books since I was young. This classic by Richard Adams is ambitious and strange, following a herd of rabbits as their warren is destroyed and they seek a new home. The rabbits’ personalities are incredibly well-developed, and the story is great! If you like adventure, suspense, and a little bit of quirk, Watership Down is definitely for you.

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