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kim gordon today

Tonight we’re hosting one of our most highly anticipated events of 2015: Kim Gordon, founding member of Sonic Youth, will appear here at BookPeople in conversation with Austin City Limits Producer Tony Lickona about her much-talked about new memoir, Girl in a Band. You can’t turn around this week without bumping into a review, interview or other piece of coverage about this book and Gordon’s life and music. We’ve rounded up links to some of our favorite articles below.

Happy Kim Gordon day, everyone. If you want to join us tonight, here’s more info about the event. We’re going to go back to watching Sonic Youth videos on Youtube now. See y’all later.

“People just project stuff onto you, mostly — they don’t really know me,” – ‘Kim Gordon, Sonic Youth’s Antifrontwoman, on the Band and Breakups’, New York Times

People can’t help who they fall in love with, no matter who it is, and it’s not that I’m not sad about it, but I feel like, in a way, maybe I was stuck in my life. And it’s kind of freed me up to do other things – or do what I was meant to do.” – ‘Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon On Marriage, Music And Moving On’, NPR

“Gordon describes feeling an immediate kinship with Kurt Cobain, “one of those mutual I-can-tell-you-are-a-super-sensitive-and-emotional-person-too sorts of connections.” It was also something of a maternal bond, and she writes tenderly of it and of Kurt himself.” – ‘Kim Gordon, Kurt Cobain, and the Mythology of Punk’, The New Yorker

She is like Mary Gaitskill’s Veronica character because she doesn’t have to please anyone anymore by keeping up that mask of coolness. Instead, it’s her show now.” – ‘Kim Gordon’s Not Pretending Anymore’, Elle

“The public assumes things about people, so I wanted to clear the air.” – Q&A with the Austin Chronicle

“I don’t have a favorite (novelist), but I like the way Jonathan Lethem writes about music…Mary Gaitskill is another one. She introduced modern female sexuality into contemporary literature.” ‘Kim Gordon: By the Book’, New York Times Sunday Book Review

“Her lines are cryptic but also legibly caustic — a lot of Kim Gordon lyrics feel like inside jokes with Kim Gordon, jokes that are somehow very pointedly and personally and stingingly about you.” – ‘Secret Girl: Decoding Kim Gordon’s Eternal Cool’, Vulture

I didn’t wanna overthink what I was gonna do. I know someone will one day write a good Sonic Youth book, but at the outset I said, ‘This is not that.'” – ‘Kim Gordon on Divorce, Art and Life After Sonic Youth’, Rolling Stone

“Writing is different from talking. I feel like a different person when I’m writing. I look back at things I wrote a long time ago and I’m like, “Did I write that?” It’s a different process.” – ‘Unconventional Idol: Kim Gordon’s Girl in a Band’, Pitchfork

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