Weekend Reading


Are you hankerin’ to curl up with a good book but sitting in front of your computer instead? Well, I have a few ideas for you!

In The Rumpus, Kevin Thomas reviews Crystal Eaters, by Shane Jones.

In Discuss Rules Beforehand, Chris Kraus (author of I Love Dick, Aliens & Anorexia, Summer of Hate, and many more) examines the life and work of author/artist/feminist/punk poet, Kathy Acker. From The Believer.

Carl Elliott’s short story, Postcards From Old People, is a searing portrayal of modern warfare. From Failbetter.

What the Trees Reveal, by Joanna Chen, is about nature; about how the history of a landscape informs its inhabitants, and how we build our own histories and identities based on our natural surroundings. In Guernica.

In her highly compelling and deeply personal essay, Damage, Mariya Karimjee details her struggles with sexual identity after experiencing a forced clitorectomy as a child. From The Big Roundtable.

Read this beautiful poem, The Hidden Glossary of Solace, by Tarfia Faizullah, in The Kenyon Review.

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