Christy’s Favorite Book of 2014: THE HIP GIRL’S GUIDE TO THE KITCHEN

Every year, our marketing department works with our booksellers and book buyers to put together our Winter Catalog, a collection of our favorite books of 2014 along with recommendations for holiday gifts. Booksellers submit competing essays about their favorite books and the winners are featured in the full-color, glossy pages of the catalog. Tons of brainstorming goes into determining the catalog’s theme and setting up the big photo shoot. 

This year’s theme is DIY, inspired by Amy Sedaris’ book, Simple Times. Throughout December, we’re highlighting the catalog’s featured booksellers here on the blog, as well as providing a bit of behind-the-scenes info on its creation.

Christy’s favorite book of 2014: The Hip Girl’s Guide to the Kitchen by Kate Payne

:Kate Payne didn’t actually like daily cooking until she developed the skills to make it relaxing. She lacked what she calls kitchen confidence, “…knowing how to feed yourself from basic ingredients in as much or less time than it takes to go buy something premade from a grocery store, restaurant, or deli.” Her book, The Hip Girl’s Guide to the Kitchen, is a fantastic tool to help you learn how to do just that. It is extraordinary that this slim book is so comprehensive. It contains a wealth of information ranging from creative containment of bulk items, to stocking and storing staples, to which utensils and appliances you might need and how to affordably acquire them. There are even guides to understanding plastics, GMOs, and fertilizers. Kate teaches that you need techniques rather than aptitude when it comes to cooking. With the tips and recipes she provides, anyone can feel comfortable in the kitchen!”

How we shot it: 

Conveniently, we have a (non-functioning) stove we use as a display in our Cooking section. We removed all of the books on top and set Christy up with a variety of plastic food and cooking utensils. Because who doesn’t have fake bread and cucumbers hanging out in a closet, right? We put Christy in one of the many darling aprons we have for sale. Voila! She was cooking up a storm.

Christy, the Hippest of All the Girls:

Fans of My Book Would Also Enjoy:

How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman. It is inevitable that this gem will replace both Betty Crocker and Better Homes & Gardens as a kitchen essential for coming-of-age cooks.

Six Word Bio:
Tomboy/Princess juxtaposition. Work-in-progress.

Favorite Literary Hero:
Amanda from Another Roadside Attraction

Favorite Literary Villain:
Professor Snape from Harry Potter


My Idea of a Happy Ending:
Bruised and bandaged on a Mexican beach with a baby named Elvis!  Oh wait….

Dream Dinner Party Guest List:
Tom Robbins
TC Boyle
Anais Nin
Dennis Hopper

More Books for the Home Chef

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