B.J. Novak says NO to Pictures!

by Mo


B.J. Novak don’t need no stinkin’ pictures.


Fact: children’s books are illustrated. Always illustrated with gorgeous, resplendent drawings of overzealous butterfly larva, daughters of wealthy but absent parents allowed to maraud luxury hotels, and still rooms painted in primary colors.

Children’s books are ALWAYS ILLUSTRATED.


Enter B.J. Novak to take that patent assumption away from the book-loving public. Novak, comedian, television writer, and author of this year’s short story collection, One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories. (which proves that Novak, or perhaps his editor, is a fan of spare-looking covers) delivers his first children’s book this week. Aptly titled The Book With No Pictures, it joins its more image-oriented neighbors on the shelves of BookKids. In this article published in The Atlantic, Novak explains why he eschewed pictures: in admixture of irreverence, focus on words, and the power of silliness in a child’s mind. Imagine! Words, silly words, are all you need to make a child smile?

b j novak

Go read the article and then come see B.J. at BookPeople next week!

But first! Here’s B. J. reading The Book With No Pictures to a group of kids grades K-2 at a school in Long Island City. You’ll be happy you watched this.


B.J. Novak will speak about and sign The Book With No Pictures here at BookPeople on Thursday, October 9 at 6:30pm. The speaking portion of the event is free and open to the public. Tickets are required for the signing and only available with the purchase of a copy of The Book With No Pictures from BookPeople.

Can’t make it to the event? You can pre-order signed copies of The Book With No Pictures via bookpeople.com. We ship worldwide.  

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