New Releases – 9/2/14


the bone clocksBen and Raul‘s New Release Pick of the Day: The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell
(Note to collectors: They are signed tip ins.)

Raul says: “Mitchell has a marvelous way of describing characters who are willing to risk everything for friendship and love. His writing will grab your attention for its emotional complexity and imaginative play on what is and what could be. Holly Sykes’s story shows that despite the ravages of the world, both real and supernatural, a person can be true to oneself and bloom into someone better…”

Ben says: “I will fight someone if this book doesn’t win the Man Booker.”

personalScott’s MysteryPeople New Release Picks of the Day: Personal by Lee Child
Someone has taken a shot at the president of France in the City of Light. The bullet was American. The distance between the gunman and the target was exceptional. How many snipers can shoot from three-quarters of a mile with total confidence? Very few, but John Kott—an American marksman gone bad—is one of them. And after fifteen years in prison, he’s out, unaccounted for, and likely drawing a bead on a G-8 summit packed with enough world leaders to tempt any assassin. If anyone can stop Kott, it’s the man who beat him before: Reacher…

bully of orderThe Bully of Order by Brian Hart
Jacob and Nell Ellstrom step from ship to shore and are struck dumb by the sight of their new home–the Harbor, a ragged township of mud streets and windowless shacks. In the years to come this will be known as one of the busiest and most dangerous ports in the world, and with Jacob’s station as the only town physician, prosperity and respect soon rain down on the Ellstroms. Told from various points of view, Brian Hart’s novel follows the evolution of the Harbor from a mudstamp outpost to a city that rivals the promise of San Francisco. The Bully of Order is a meditation on progress, love, and identity; a spellbinding novel of fate and redemption–told with a muscular lyricism and filled with a cast of characters Shakespearean in scope–where everyone is as much at the mercy of the weather as they are of the times.

wittgenstein jrWittgenstein Jr, A Novel by Lars Ayer
The unruly undergraduates at Cambridge have a nickname for their new lecturer: Wittgenstein Jr. He’s a melancholic, tormented genius who seems determined to make them grasp the very essence of philosophical thought. But Peters–a working-class student surprised to find himself among the elite–soon discovers that there’s no place for logic in a Cambridge overrun by posh boys and picnicking tourists, as England’s greatest university is collapsing under market pressures.

the secret placeThe Secret Place by Tana French
Signed copies available!
From the bestselling author of In the Woods comes a new thriller in the Dublin Murder Squad series. When “The Secret Place,” a board where the girls at St. Kilda’s School can pin up their secrets anonymously, reignites the stalled investigation into the murder of handsome, popular Chris Harper, Stephen joins forces with the abrasive Detective Antoinette Conway to find out who and why.


the button manScott’s MysteryPeople New Release Picks of the Day:
The Button Man
by Mark Pryor

“The Button Man is one of those books that’s so much fun to have waiting for you on the nightstand or desk—just sitting there, smirking at you, promising an excellent time if you’d just hurry up and get done with your chores. Terrible things, clever people, and a bit of sexy thrown in for good measure, The Button Man is well-written with a snappy pace. In short, it’s everything that makes us love mysteries in the first place.”  —Jamie Mason, author of Three Graves Full

Mark Pryor comes to BookPeople Sat 9/13! More info at

the dropThe Drop by Dennis Lehane
Dennis Lehane returns to the streets of his New York Times-bestseller Mystic River with The Drop–A love story wrapped in a crime story wrapped in a journey of faith. The Drop follows lonely bartender Bob Saginowski through a covert scheme of funneling cash to local gangsters–“money drops”–in the underworld of Boston bars. Under the heavy hand of his employer and cousin, Marv, Bob finds himself at the center of a robbery gone awry and entwined in an investigation that digs deep into the past of a neighborhood where friends, families, and foes all work together to make a living–no matter the cost. Read Scott’s full review over on

the future for curious peopleJulie’s New Release Pick of the Day: The Future for Curious People by Gregory Sherl

Julie says: “I picked up this book because it has bunnies on the cover. I stuck with it for the humor and the way it reminded me of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. If you could plug into a virtual reality where you saw what your life would look like if you stayed in a relationship with someone, would you do it? (Um, yes, totally, all the time, I’d be an addict, just like one of the characters in this book.) I found this novel heartwarming at surprising turns. Like all of life, it could have used more bunnies, but I’m not going to hold that against Mr. Sherl, who wrote a fun, fine novel about love and fate.

acceptanceAcceptance by Jeff VanderMeer
An astounding conclusion to a trilogy that packs both philosophical and nightmarish quandaries for the human race – what are we except that which we can become? This work examines what happened before Area X occurred – who really is the lighthouse keeper? What exactly is Area X and what are the true motives of the Southern Reach? Played out in chapters that serve as prequels to the lives of all the characters and all that has gone before, this book provides eerie insights and a sinister denouement that will disturb you…



how to be parisianHow to be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style & Bad Habits by Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, and Caroline De Maigret
From Publisher’s Weekly: “Four whip-smart, successful French women poke fun at the stereotypes of the ‘Parisienne’ and give genuine beauty and lifestyle tips, recipes, and fashion dos and don’ts…De Maigret’s photography and a witty, wise, often tongue-in-cheek delivery puts the reader on a sure path to achieving the French femme’s ‘je ne sais quoi.'”

eichmann before jerusalemEichmann Before Jerusalem by Bettina Stangneth
A total and groundbreaking reassessment of the life of Adolf Eichmann that maps out the astonishing links between innumerable past Nazis–from ace Luftwaffe pilots to SS henchmen–both in exile and in Germany, and reconstructs in detail the postwar life of one of the Holocaust’s principal

daring. my passagesDaring: My Passages by Gail Sheehy

The author of Passages, a book that changed millions of lives, now lays bare her own life passages in a captivating memoir that reveals her harrowing and ultimately triumphant path from groundbreaking 1960s “girl” journalist to fearless bestselling author who made a career of excavating cultural taboos–from sex, menopause, and midlife crisis to illness, caregiving, and death.

A collection of recipes for fun, accessible taqueria fare–including colorful salsas, tasty snacks, irresistible cocktails, and of course tacos galore–from the wildly popular San Francisco restaurants and acclaimed Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market food stand, Tacolicious.


Gathered in this volume readers will find more than fifty years of poems by the incomparable Jack Gilbert, from his Yale Younger Poets prize-winning volume to glorious late poems, including a section of previously uncollected work.


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