Walk, Run, Fly, or Ride: Books about Transportation

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Last month, NPR revealed a new book list called Book Your Trip. It is a list made up of adult and children’s books that feature different modes of transportation. Some books focus on boats, some on horses, and some on miscellaneous methods such as a giant peach and time. NPR’s list does not include books where the train (or car or horse) is not used for transport. For example, NPR ruled out Misty of Chincoteague because it is, “about horses, but not horses as a mode of transit.”

We love this theme and reading list. It is fantastic that children’s books are included in NPR’s list, but we want to give a mention to some of our favorite transportation books that didn’t make their list.

Cindy K.

Silly Sally by Audrey Wood (walking)
Sally has to get to town, so she decides to do it by walking backwards and upside down. With tunes to sing and sheep to tickle, silliness abounds on Sally’s beautifully illustrated journey.


Bed-Knob and Broomstick by Mary Norton (flying bed)
Tired of spending time in the car, train, bus, or plane this summer? Well, why not dive into the exhilarating adventures of three children, a witch-in-training, and a cozy flying bed? It’s not your typical road trip, but the accommodations come pre-equipped with pillows and blankets for traveling comfort.


Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli (running)
Maniac Magee runs, but he does not run away. His story moves through myth and love, which is as rhythmic and driving as sneakers on the blacktop.


The Boundless by Kenneth Oppel (train)
This is a breathtaking adventure story with Sasquatch, curious circus performers, murder, a healthy dose of magic, a massive train, and a brave boy named Will. He is the only one who can save the mighty Boundless and all her passengers from the dastardly plot to take down the train.


Promise the Night by Michaela MacColl (plane)
Beryl Markham was famous for being the first woman to pilot a solo east to west Transatlantic flight, non-stop. But before she was Beryl Markham she was Beryl Clutterbuck, a girl being raised by her stern father in Imperial British East Africa, or modern day Kenya. This dual timeline story features adult Beryl being interviewed about her impending trek, as young Beryl pursues adventures that ultimately led to her interest in aviation.


Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour
by Morgan Matson (car)
If you like road trip or novels about road trips, you’ll love this one. Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour is sweet, funny, and touching. Told through a combination of traditional narrative, menus, receipts, and, best of all – playlists. Enjoy the trip!

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