COME, SWEET DEATH! Funny, Full of Suspense

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(This review was first posted on the MysteryPeople blog.)

Come, Sweet Death! by Wolf Haas
Reviewed by Andrew H.

Wolf Haas has a voice to be reckoned with. His series of novels starring Detective Brenner is already wildly popular in his native Austria and in Germany, and it is only a matter of time until the United States catches Brenner fever.

What makes Come, Sweet Death! so irresistible is its unnamed narrator, who takes on a God-like quality. God has a sharp tongue and frequently interjects, surmises, and gives his own very funny opinion on the goings-on of the characters. The humor is largely dark; it is a crime novel after all. Brenner is an ex-cop who doesn’t ever want to go back to it, but finds himself again dragged into his detective work.

After taking a job as an ambulance driver in hopes of escape from the corruption of the crime fighting life, a mysterious death throws Brenner right back into his natural talents of getting to the bottom of things. His ambulance company has competition, competition that mysteriously gets to every scene before they do. Brenner uncovers corruption and races to tie every thread together before another body (maybe even his own!) gets thrown on top of the pile.

Come, Sweet Death! is hilarious and Wolf Haas’s writing can easily be compared to Carl Hiaasen with a darker sense of humor. It’s not only a funny novel, it’s a great crime novel full of suspense. Come, Sweet Death! is the fourth in the series of Brenner novels translated by Melville International Crime. This is the first I have read but after finishing it, I plan on starting at number one.


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