Book Vloggin’ With Jan: Favorite Fictional Libraries!

Each month, Jan, one of our intrepid booksellers, picks a different topic and tells us about her must-read books in that genre. This month she’s vloggin’ about books that feature her favorite fictional libraries!

Books Discussed In This Blog: 

lirael-daughter-of-the-clayrLirael by Garth Nix

“What I love about this Library is that I KNOW that Garth Nix could write entire novels about the creatures and knowledge housed within. And Lirael uses that knowledge to become a better person. She literally sees who she is and who she can become in the Library. But what I love the most about this Library, this character, and this story is that Lirael NEVER stops being a Librarian even when she chooses the greater path.”


kostovaThe Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

“Now, I’m not going to say there are vampires in the archives, okay? Except that I am. There are. There are totally vampires in the archives! Those vampires, man. I can’t tell you how many of them I have had to fight off from the stacks in the public city archive where I work! Trying to get their undead claws on… those city directories? Photographs of the governor’s mansion? Okay, I haven’t fought any vampires in the archives.”


The ArchivedThe Archived by Victoria Schwab

“The Archive is where the dead go after they–well, after they die. It’s an afterlife, of sorts. The Archive, like any physical archive, is dedicated to the principle of preserving the past. But it doesn’t do so by preserving letters, photographs, diaries, or other personal items, but it does so by preserving the lives themselves.”



426504The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges

“The Library of Babel has an eerie similarity to our current Big Data problem in that billions of people produce vast amount of data daily in our hyper-connected lives. Borges’s librarians don’t have the algorithms, but they’re data mining all the same.”

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