Reading Recommendations from Michael Pollan

michael pollan
Last night, we were lucky enough to have Michael Pollan discussing and signing his latest book, Cooked, at the store. A big thanks to the folks who came out. We filled chairs we didn’t even know we had, not to mention the floorspace, nooks, and crannies all over our second floor. Folks were live-tweeting, so in case you missed out, here are a couple of our favorites.

From @hannahas1: “They (food industry) work very hard to convince us that we’re busy, and that cooking is beaneath us.”

From @tristancofer: “‘[#Food] is a great way to teach kids about biology, #ecology, culture…’ Amen!”

Author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food, Michael Pollan had plenty of wisdom for us and, on top of that, he also left us with a list of five book recommendations.

The Harvard Psychedelic Club by Don Lattin
The Art of Simple Food II by Alice Waters
In the Light of What We Know by Zia Haider Rahman
The Third Plate by Dan Barber
Stuffed and Starved by Raj Patel

Signed copies of Cooked are now available on our shelves and via


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