What We’re Reading This Week

Game of Thrones: A Song of Fire & Ice: Book One by George R. R. Martin

“I’ve never been into Sci Fi, but my twin sister got me started on the the Game of Thrones television show. I got through about three episodes before I had to stop to read the book. I’m about halfway through now, and I’m totally hooked. The characters are so dynamic and against each other. There’s so much depth to the characters, their stories and the kingdoms. It’s like crack — not that I’ve done that — but I just can’t put the book down. I particularly like Tyrion. He’s played by Peter Dinklage in the show. He stands in contrast to a lot of the other characters. He’s witty and mindful of every action to make up for his short stature. It’s just so compelling. No one can escape his or her fate; ‘Winter is coming.’”


The Moons of Jupiter by Alice Munro

“Masterful collection of short stories. This is just a really unique collection that focuses on the voices of everyday women you don’t often hear in literature. They’re often overlooked: the elderly, divorced, women in affairs and single women with children. As a feminist reader it’s just refreshing to have a book where it’s just women. The men’s voices aren’t there, or if they are it’s subtly in the background. I can’t wait to read more of Munro’s works.”


Creative Block: Get Unstuck, Uncover New Ideas. Advice & Projects from 50 Successful Artists by Danielle Krysa

“Really great book for anybody interested in exploring the creative process. It has great pictures, great ideas, and its just something that anyone exploring art should look at. “


Collected Short Stories – Flannery O’Connor

“I’ve always been interesting in Southern grotesque as a genren O’Connor’s voice is just so interesting. She’s unflinching as she looks at humanity, willing to defend anybody and accept life for what it is. She looks at the worst sides of humanity and is okay with it. I’ve read a lot about her writing process. She would agonize over every single word. Her collections took her years, but every page just seems so natural. It’s this perfect slice of life, meanwhile there was so much effort and agony put into it.”

8 thoughts on “What We’re Reading This Week

  1. I love Game of Thrones! It was my brother who got me into it. He basically asked me to read the books for him because he was too lazy to do it himself! I wasn’t expecting to like it, but it really draws you in and leaves you wanting to know more and more!

  2. I finished reading the most currenty Game of Thrones just before Christmas and I love it! The characters are brilliant (especially Tyrion and Arya) and the world building is stunning. Can’t wait for the next book. I haven’t seen any of the television series and probably won’t until I’ve read them all.

  3. We just picked up Game of Thrones a couple of weeks ago, I have so many books in my TBR pile for reviews I’ve only read the prologue – but I am determined to read it all the way through – hubby & I are share-reading it together.

  4. Really good selection! I would recommend you Alice Munro’s books – there is a good reason why she won the Nobel Prize. This can sound a little patriotic, but… why not? She is really good and maybe this is the right time to start with her short stories.

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