What We’re Reading This Week


The Monster at the End of this Book by Jon Stone, Michael Smollin

“This book is something else. I’m almost done, but Grover has built a brick wall to keep me from finishing. He’s gone chicken on me because there’s supposed to be a monster at the end of the book. I mean, I know it’s the title, but it could be a literary device for all we know. Or, maybe I’d be able to tame it a la Maurice Sendak. I’m a BookPeople employee after all. Besides, there’s only one way to find out, right? Anyway, I was strong enough to keep going when he boarded up the page with wood, but the brick wall is a whole new deal. I’ve been using some nutrition and exercise books to get my strength up and I think I’ll be able to turn the page by the end of the week. I’ll let everyone know how it goes once I do.”

Citadel by Kate Mosse

Citadel is a historical fiction novel about the women in the French Resistance during WWII. It’s pretty dense, but it’s so good. Mosse always has a supernatural feel to her novels, and in this book there’s a professor hunting down this lost Codex that will wake the dead & raise an army to fight the Nazis. Of course, Hitler’s looking for it to, so it’s this race to see who can find it first while also trying to get the Jews out of Europe to safety. It’s exciting & fast paced with characters who each have something at stake that they could lose if the Germans  win.”

Careless People: Murder, Mayhem & the Invention of The Great Gatsby by Sarah Churchwell

“It’s about F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life surrounding the writing of The Great Gatsby, how the author’s experience filtered into his fiction. Churchwell focuses on this notorious double murder case in 1922 where a clergyman and his lover were discovered in a field. She explores how that case would have shaped the plot of Gatsby. It’s really easy for an author to say ‘this lead to that,’ but Churchwell really explores the depth of what was going on in Fitzgerald’s life and how that would affect the impact this event had on his writing.”

The Ghost of the Mary Celeste by Valerie Martin

“It’s a historical fiction novel based on a true story about a ship, the Mary Celeste, found off the coast of Spain in 1872 without any of the crew or passengers on board. Without any sign of struggle, they just disappeared. Martin takes that story and weaves three stories about what might have happened together. It’s a really good read, one that you just have to keep reading to find out what happens next.”

3 thoughts on “What We’re Reading This Week

  1. I love “there is a Monster at the end of this book!” My Grandaddy (whose name was also Grover) used to read it to me with a shaking Grover hand-puppet on his hand! One of my favorite memories!

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