Free Book Club Discussion: HYPERBOLE & A HALF

When an expedition of BookPeople scientists unearthed Flippo and Steve(n), the flatulent figureheads of the Stand Up Sit Down Book Club, in the Mojave Desert in the twilight months of 2012, they gave the dapper-duo pen and paper in a misguided attempt to communicate with these primitive prodigies. After seventeen months of painstakingly learning, forgetting, and relearning the English language, our savage scions have managed to impart an arcane address from their inscrutably insular alliance. Upon close examination, it would appear as though our harebrained heroes wish to share with the outside world…a crude picture of a dinosaur giving a “thumbs down” to a giant ant.

line drawing

While the sentiment expressed is irrefutable and essential – giant ants should be admonished for both their gigantism and ant-like behavior – it cannot be denied that the Stand Up Sit Down Book Club has disappointed the world yet again. At least they chose an appropriate book this month. Join our silly squad of comedy critics and humble, humor hounds at 7PM in the plush playhouse of the BookPeople cafe on Monday February 24th to discuss Allie Brosh’s madcap memoir Hyperbole & a Half.

Superficially ludicrous, this seemingly insubstantial collection of illustrated essays provides a much more philosophical insight into the human condition than it has any right to. Allie Brosh has captured the ridiculous, the profound, and the ridiculousness that lies within the profound with soaring wit and self-conscious absurdity. Her intentionally amateurish drawings are spot-on complements to her tales of the mundane and the life-shattering. There’s nothing quite like a stick figure laughing at a kernel of corn to really help you appreciate a story about deep-seeded, clinical depression.

The Stand Up Sit Down Book Club meets in the caricature of cool that is the BookPeople Cafe on the last Monday of every month at 7PM to talk turkey about comedic memoirs and the dumb stuff that makes us giggle. Swing by on February 24th to swap stories about cartoons, comics & calamity through the lens of Hyperbole and a Half by the brilliant Allie Brosh.

It will be the greatest, most fundamentally blissful experience of your life.


Stand Up Sit Down Book Club meets this Monday, Feb 24 at 7PM in the BookPeople Cafe to discuss Hyperbole & a Half by Allie Brosh. 10% off of the book to all those attending the book club.

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