What We’re Reading This Week


The Martian by Andy Weir

“This book should serve as a manual for survival on Mars for any future missions to the Red Planet. It should be required reading for all crew members, administrators and staff of NASA. Weir creates not only a gripping man v. Mars survival story, but he includes all the associated minutiae that comes with space exploration: innovation, intelligence, courage, and administrative obfuscation and deniability. For a first novel, this work is relevant to the problems associated with space travel and creates a wonderfully entertaining and sarcastic character in Mark Watney.”

Dark Invasion by Howard Blum

Dark Invasion is about German Spies in America before the start of WWI, and I don’t even like stories about spies or WWI! I’ve never read anything by Blum before, but I picked this up and it reads like a thriller. It’s entirely fascinating and it doesn’t even read like a history book. The most interesting character is the head of the New York Bomb Squad whom Blum refers to as the first Head of Homeland Security and an unsung hero. It was his job to stop all these German spies from terrorizing America. I had no clue that the Germans had actually managed to set off a bomb inside the US Capitol building. If you pick up this book, you will enjoy it.”

By Blood We Live by Glen Duncan

“The culmination of Glen Duncan’s existential treatise on humanity examined from the inhuman perspective of immortality is as smart and satisfying a concluding chapter as this grisly trilogy could ask for. More involved with interpersonal relationships than the viscera and violence of its predecessors, this volume explores the love, loss, responsibility, instincts, and free will through telescopic, vampiric prescience and the red fog of lycanthropic animality. This narrative web is the perfect end to a thrilling saga.”

Glen Duncan will be at the store on Tuesday, Feb 18 at 7PM speaking & signing copies of By Blood We Live. Click here for more info & to pre-order your signed copy.

An Untamed State by Roxane Gay

“This powerful novel about a woman kidnapped for ransom in Haiti grabbed me from the first sentence and held me, riveted and breathless, to the very last page. Gay is unflinching as she conveys the emotional, psychological and physical devastation of Mirielle Jameson during and following her captivity. Mirielle’s strength is the real backbone of this novel and held me fast as I worked through the difficult scenes of brutal treatment at the hands of her captors. This novel has me thinking about freedom, what it affords me and what it really means to be free, what I take for granted, and how a presumption of freedom defines my sense of self. There’s plenty more to dig into in this book, as well: economic disparity and dangerous assumptions on the part of both the rich and the poor; the cultural gulf between parents and children raised in different countries; and the power and responsibilities of love. Just a phenomenal, unforgettable read. I can’t wait to have Roxane Gay here to discuss the book in May.”

Roxanne Gay will be at the store on Monday, May 19 at 7PM speaking & signing copies of An Untamed State. Click here for more info & to pre-order your signed copy.

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