Jen Lancaster: Hilarious Storyteller & Official BookPeople Favorite

~post by Katie P.

New York Times bestselling author Jen Lancaster was in the store last night to read from and chat about her new novel Twisted Sisters. Lancaster’s ten previous books, appearances on NPR, The Joy Behar Show, and the Today Show have cemented her place as a beloved humorist and novelist for hundreds of thousands of readers, but there were a few highlights from last night that made her specifically a BookPeople favorite.

Jen showed up for her reading a little early, and, in her typically straightforward and hilarious manner, headed straight for the mic to start what she called “the informal part of the event.” She took questions from the audience about her pets, the collection of antique furniture in her basement (“It’s like my house is a cocktail party and only furniture got invited,” in her words), and the furor she inadvertently caused on facebook last week when she posted a well-intentioned picture of her husband in a parka. And in between (and as a response to) these questions, Jen did what Jen does best: She told stories.

According to the Publishers Weekly review of Twisted Sisters, Lancaster is, “as adept at fiction as she is at telling her own stories,” and we found that to be true in spades last night. Even as she read from her novel, Jen inserted her own commentary. What readers love about Jen Lancaster books, among many other things, is that her voice is so immediate and accessible. For a writer whose best friend is a former stalker (it’s less creepy than it sounds – ask her about Julia sometime), being approachable has become a way of life, in writing and in person. We loved having Jen in the store, and cannot recommend her hilarious, I-actually-snort-laughed-during-the-reading new book, Twisted Sisters, highly enough.

(Bonus recommendation: While signing extra books for us last night, Jen told us to keep an eye out for a new memoir coming out in April, We’ll Always Have Paris: A Mother/Daughter Adventure by Jennifer Coburn. She read it and loved it. It will be out in paperback on April 8. You can pre-order a copy and find out more about it here. Might be perfect for your book club.)


Signed copies of Twisted Sisters are now available on our shelves at BookPeople and via We ship all over the world. 

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