What We’re Reading This Week


Cinder: Lunar Chronicles #1 by Marissa Meyer

“This series is great. Cinder takes a fairy tale and flips it over exposing this amazing underbelly of fantastical possibilities. The story is engaging, the characters are great, and it’s just a lot of fun. I’m really excited that Marissa Meyer is focusing on these classic stories and making such strong, female characters out of them.”

Marissa Meyer will be in store on Monday, Feb 17 at 7PM speaking about & signing copies of the latest in the Lunar Chronicles: Cress. Pre-order you signed copy today.

The Weird: A Compendium of Strange & Dark Stories edited by Ann VanderMeer & Jeff VanderMeer

“This anthology of weird fiction dates from the 1890s to present day. Almost every story is exceptional. They’re short, sweet, creepy, and thought provoking. It’s like the Twilight Zone in written form. There’s classics from authors like Kafka and H.P. Lovecraft. But, there’s these unknown gems that have been forgotten by time and they are as or more amazing than the classics.”

Drown by Junot Diaz

“There is a rawness to his debut collection that you don’t get with This is How You Lose Her. His writing hasn’t reached that refined level yet which you find in his other books. For that reason, the stories seem to carry greater urgency and, for me, it makes them that much more powerful. Also, there are more scenes in the DR which were some of my favorite sections from Oscar Wao. JJunot’s portrayal is refreshingly frank and without the exoticism that lots of writers rely on with international settings. The last story, “Negocios” is a true knock-out, blending Yunior’s story-telling style with the narrative of how his father came to the United States. Definitely worth the read/re-read if you’re looking for something to pick up. ”

This Star Won’t Go Out by Esther Earl, Lori Earl & Wayne Earl

“Total sob story. For the first half of the book, I just found myself comparing her voice to the voice that John Green uses for his character in The Fault in Our Stars. It’s wildly different. Her words and her family’s words are very inspiring. I think it will reach a lot of young people, reading this story of another teenager who did so much and lived life to the fullest with the people around her in the face of her own mortality. Even though she’s been made into this literary character and has this big presence among YA fiction fans, she’s still going to be a fresh, inspiring story for a lot of young readers.”

8 thoughts on “What We’re Reading This Week

  1. I first heard of Cinder from my alma mater, Pacific Lutheran University. I don’t know if Marissa Meyer graduated from there or not. But it was strange to have even gotten the blog. I hope to read it–in my TBR reads.

  2. Cinder is spectacular, and Scarlet is even better! In my opinion that is a rare thing, series usually get worse, and worse. I am very excited to read Cress when it comes out! I got my Cinder book autographed by Marissa Meyer, and she is really sweet, intelligent, and a fan of Anime! <– she won me over with her love of Sailor Moon.

    I haven't gotten This Star Won't Go Out, but it is definitely next on my to-buy list. I cannot wait to meet the actual inspiration behind Hazel Grace, someone who John Green talks so highly about. She must've been an amazing girl, and I want to help keep her Star burning for much longer. DFTBA.

    1. You are going to LOVE the third book, Cress. It’s (somehow) even better than the first two! (In some of our humble opinions.)

  3. I LOVE Cinder….and Scarlet….and Cress (Which is released into the wild next Tuesday!!). They are beautifully and complexly written, making you fall in more in love the all the characters with every turn of the page. Marissa Meyer is a master story teller!

    I bought TSWGO this past Tuesday and can’t wait to read it! I flipped through the book and it is simply gorgeous.

    1. Our booksellers who read CRESS are saying it’s her best one yet….! Enjoy TSWGO! We all cried. And loved it.

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