Ann Patchett Recommends


Last night we had the extreme pleasure of hosting Ann Patchett in our store for a reading & signing of her book This is the Story of a Happy Marriage. This is her first dip into the world of memoir, and she was lovely as she told the stories last night that lead to the inspiration to write a book about all the things that she loves – the art and craft of writing, the depths of friendship, an elderly dog, and her venture into helping to run an independent book which is something she never thought she’d end up doing! And, even more surprising is how she ended up known more for being a “famous bookseller” than as a novelist. She takes pride in all the book she reads and recommends for her store in Nashville, and she was gracious enough to lay down a list of books for us to recommend and sell to the readers here in Austin.

Ann Patchett is a great speaker, engaging and funny, we highly recommended taking the chance to hear her talk or walk into her store, Parnassus Books, if you’re ever in Nashville to say hi to her and her dog, Sparky while they’re hard at work!

We do have signed copies of Patchett’s latest This is the Story of a Happy Marriage as well as some of her fiction titles: Bel Canto & State of Wonder, on our shelves and via while supplies last.

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