Three Books for Fans of Stieg Larsson

Everyone in your life is a Stieg Larsson fan and they all want a new book for Christmas. What do you do??? Get ’em one of these:

The Informationist by Taylor Stevens 

The Informationist is the first of three books featuring Vanessa Michael Munroe. Munroe’s job is as an informationist, a combination Mercenary, corporate spy, PI, and bad ass librarian. She is able to get all the information on anything or place – if you can afford her. It’s a gig that can take her anywhere, to do anything, and  in The Informationist she goes to Equatorial Guinea in Africa to locate a missing woman and confront a past she has little memory of. Stevens delivers the cool yet intense precision of a heist novel when you watch Munroe work. (The following books in the series are The Inoccent The Doll.)

Zulu by Caryl Ferey

Caryl Ferey is…

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