Gary Shteyngart: King of the Book Trailer (& Our Hearts)

Gary Shteyngart: bestselling author, master of the book blurb, king of the book trailer. Just when you think he can’t possibly top a trailer featuring Paul Giamatti and a dachshund, Shteyngart pulls out the big guns: Johnny Franzen, James Franco & Sloane Crosley.

For the record, we love Gary Shteyngart even more than James Franco does. We love him so much we’re officially making him our Valentine. Join us Thursday, February 13 when we host a very special Valentine’s evening for Gary to celebrate his new memoir, Little Failure. Champagne, candy hearts, cupid winging through the air – this will be one day-before-Valentine’s-Day Gary will never forget. (The event is free & open to the public. Books & tickets for the signing are now available to pre-order via

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