31 Days of Halloween: Day 6 “Sunday Links”

~post by Joe T.

It’s Sunday and things are a little slow around the haunted house. So, after writing about Clive Barker yesterday, I’m gonna take a little break and share a couple of cool links that have got me excited this week. I’ll be back tomorrow with some Guillermo Del Toro curated books.

Happy Hauntings!

1. The Great Stephen King Reread by Grady Hendrix (Tor.com)

Tor.com, the home of genre publisher TOR, is just one great blog. Reviews, essays, and rereads grace its pages. Over the last couple of months, author Grady Hendrix has been blogging his reactions to the television adaptation of Under The Dome as well as doing a phenomenal job covering his reread of Stephen King novels. His thoughts on Misery have just been posted this week, but you should surely check out all of the entries (INDEXED HERE). Because of Grady’s reread, I’ve had a real hankerin’ to revisit some classic King myself.

2.  Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut Reviewed by Alex Riviello (Badassdigest.com)

Nightbreed was the 1990 film adaptation of the Clive Barker story “Cabal” directed by the author himself. Unfortunately, it was butchered by the studio and released to little fanfare and bombed at the box office. Featuring a great acting performance by director David Cronenberg (The Fly and J. G. Ballard’s Crash) and imaginative creature designs, it has long haunted the dreams of  the people, like myself, who managed to catch the film on VHS and cable. For years we have hoped to see the film that Clive Barker wanted us to see. Now it has happened. Old workprints of deleted scenes have been found and integrated into the original film using Clive Barker’s notes giving us the movie Cabal.

Screened at Fantastic Fest here in Austin, Alex Riviello of Alamo Drafthouse’s Badassdigest.com has a review of the film that leaves me dying to finally be able to see the movie I’ve always dreamed of watching.

3. Neil Marshall Has Announced His Next Movie!  (Badassdigest.com)

Neil Marshall, the director of the werewolf movie Dog Soldiers and an episode of Game of Thrones, is a true fan of the genre and has announced his next project: a sequel to King Kong! Based on a 2005 novel Kong: King of Skull Island (which I just special ordered!), it sounds like something that could warm of the heart of any good creature feature fan. Reading about it here has made me want to see it RIGHT NOW!

4. Simpsons Treehouse of Terror Opening Credits!  (Screencrush.com)

The opening credits for this year’s Treehouse of Terror has been released online and it’s directed by modern day horror icon Guillermo Del Toro!

Watch it see if you can pick out all the legendary creatures, authors, and directors who make cameos. Even Cthulhu makes an appearance!

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