Let’s Talk About Sex

Secret Sex Lives by Suzy Spencer
Reviewed by Hadorah

In this modern American society, the subject of “sex” brings to mind a number of images, a platter of mixed feelings, and a variety of private and not so private thoughts to dissect.

In her new book, Secret Sex Lives, Suzy Spencer (a true crime report/author) steps out of her own shoes and into other people’s shoes in hopes of shedding light on what’s really going on in people’s sex lives. From sexual fantasies to sex slang, to gender orientations, to underground sex secrets and lifestyles, she covers it all.

But it wasn’t easy.

Along the way she humorously but honestly reminds readers how this book and her research have made her feel about the unique characters she lovingly calls her “sex freaks” and how they influence her sexual identity….”or lack of one,” as she says.

I must applaud Spencer for her tremendous courage to stay brutally honest and vulnerable with her own sexual fears and discoveries. Anyone who comes across this book will not only better understand their own unique sexual identity, but will laugh and cry with Suzy, and in the end, have a well of compassion for all she comes in contact with.


Suzy Spencer will be here at BookPeople speaking about & signing Secret Sex Lives on Thursday, October 4 at 7pm. She will be joined by photographer and author Ricardo Acervedo. We’ll be raffling off a basket full of adult goodies from the good people over at Forbidden Fruit. You have to be here to enter, come on down!

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