Remembering the Life and Times of Ann Richards

Jan Reid’s new biography Let the People In: The Life and Times of Ann Richards  goes on sale nationwide this week. We’re big fans of this hefty in-depth examination of the life of Governor Richards, and in celebration, we’ve invited friends to share their fondest Ann Richards memories. Here’s a great tale inspired by Governor Richards’ bad-assery:

“I was in the 4th grade when Ann Richards was running for re-election as Governor against George W. Bush. Back then, ‘GW’ was not only making his political debut, but also dealing with an unflattering Texas Rangers labor strike, in which W had a large ownership stake. Our teacher decided it would be a good civics exercise to do mock debates between the gubernatorial candidates and I, naturally, volunteered as Ann Richards. On the day of my debate, my mom dressed me up in shoulder pads, styled my hair in a French twist with a huge swoop in the front, and doused my head in baby powder. After our opening statements, our teacher prompted us with topical questions. At some point, the GW to my Ann Richards accused me of not running the state very well. I leaned over, looked him right in the eyes, and shot back, “Well, if you can’t run a baseball team properly, how do you expect to run the state of Texas?” My opponent didn’t know what I was talking about, my parents were VERY proud, and I felt like a total badass, just like Ann Richards.”

–Samantha Hechtman, former Dallasite and current law student

How do you remember Ann Richards? Share your fond memories with us in the comments below. And join us on Wednesday, October 17th when author Jan Reid is here at BookPeople to talk about the research he did into her life and career. We’ll be celebrating Ann Richards here on the blog all month long, stay tuned for more!

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