MysteryPeople Presents (your new favorite thriller writer) Meg Gardiner

I first met Meg Gardiner at Bouchercon, the big world mystery conference, two years ago.  She was sharing a panel with my buddy, Craig Johnson.  After the discussion, I made a note to get her to come to the store.  It wasn’t just because she’s a great writer, which she is (just ask Stephen King, the population of Great Britain, and her growing fan base here). I wanted her for an event because she is fun, very fun.  She made the macho male crime writers on the panel (she was sitting between two guys in cowboy hats) blush. If I remember right, she ended up wearing both hats before it was over.

Meg’s personality comes across in her books. She creates characters who deliver sharp, funny dialogue as she ratchets up the tension of the life threatening situations they are in.  It makes her an author to be experienced on the page as well as in person.

Her latest thriller is The Nightmare Thief, which she’ll be here to talk about and sign this Friday, July 22, 7p, which brings together the lead characters from her two bestselling series – forensic psychologist Jo Beckett and reporter Evan Delaney.  Here’s more about Meg and the book:

If you like smart, edge-of-your seat thrillers, then Gardiner’s books are for you. And there are plenty to get into once you start – China Lake, Mission Canyon, Jericho Point, Crosscut, Kill Chain, The Dirty Secrets Club, The Memory Collector, and The Liar’s Lullaby. There’s even a soundtrack for The Liar’s Lullaby, which we’ll be giving away at the event. Here’s a video of the original song The Liar’s Lullaby:

I hope you can come on down Friday night. You just might meet you new favorite thriller writer.

~Scott Montgomery, MysteryPeople Crime Fiction Coordinator

3 thoughts on “MysteryPeople Presents (your new favorite thriller writer) Meg Gardiner

  1. Every time I’ve visited the great state of Texas, I’ve had an excellent time. Every one of Meg Gardiner’s books also guarantees an excellent time.

    Sounds like a winning combination to me! Wish I could be there!

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