Money, Money, Money (Camp)

Busy campers ready to present.

I like to spend, not save,  money.  I like to buy stuff (especially books).  This is perhaps not the most fiscally responsible mode of life.  Perhaps I should have learned better spending habits as a child.  Perhaps I should have attended Money Camp.

That’s right folks, starting on Monday, Money Camp will be back at BookPeople.  Started seven years ago, this 1 week program helps kids engage in real-life, real-money experiences so that they learn about money first hand.

Campers selling their products.

In camp, the kids create a real business for the week, sell a product for real money, and they get to keep the PROFITS!  Now, that sounds like a fun way to make money to me.

The camps still have a few spots left, both at the different BookPeople sessions and at other locations around town.  For more information and to register for the camps, click here.

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