Top Shelf in February

This post comes from our bookseller Molly Odintz. I first came to British novelist Howard Jacobson's work through his dystopian novel J, set in a future Britain after a second Holocaust, where the 20th century call to remember the dead has been replaced with enforced societal uncertainty. "What happened, if it happened..."is the catchphrase of the novel, … Continue reading Top Shelf in February

News from the Book Multiverse

Hello Friends and Fellow Readers who dwell in and ramble happily through the seemingly eternal fathoms of the grand and wondrous book multiverse! As ever, we here at the BookPeople blog strive to bring you the latest in newsworthy items from the ever expanding reaches of the literary cosmos: Pulitzer Prize Winner and former U.S. Poet Laureate Rita … Continue reading News from the Book Multiverse