MysteryPeople Pick of the Month: ‘Hurt Machine’

~Post by MP Crime Fiction Coordinator Scott M. MysteryPeople December Pick of the Month: Hurt Machine by Reed Farrel Coleman Reed Farrel Coleman's Jewish part-time investigator Moe Prager is my favorite modern PI. Poignant and believable, in previous books we've followed Moe and his city from the mid-70s to post 9/11, discovering that this PI … Continue reading MysteryPeople Pick of the Month: ‘Hurt Machine’

Interview with Reed Farrel Coleman

Reed Farrel Coleman is a Brooklyn-based mystery writer and staff favorite. His New York-centric work depicts a city divided by grit and grace; full of troubled but endlessly interesting characters. Coleman will be at BookPeople to discuss and sign copies of his new book, Tower, on Tuesday, October 20th at 7 PM. He was kind enough to answer a few questions for the blog.