New Book November—New Releases This Week Are *FIRE*

If you're still taking that seemingly endless sigh of relief after the events of the last week, we totally understand. We're in the same boat and are here to service you with some bookish joy to top it off. We're still a week away from the A Promised Land debut, but there's still plenty to celebrate: signed … Continue reading New Book November—New Releases This Week Are *FIRE*

Less Than Frightening New Releases

It's not all blood curdling screams around the bookstore this time of year. That is, unless one of our most anticipated reads makes it to the store in its final form. In which case, it's been nothing but blood curdling screams at the moment (haha). Bookseller favorites Bryan Washington and Martin Amis are hitting the shelves in … Continue reading Less Than Frightening New Releases