BAD FEMINIST: Colloquial and Profound

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay ~post by Katie P. One of Roxane Gay’s most pronounced strengths, as a writer, critic, and speaker, is her ability to traverse the space between colloquialism and profound insight. She uses both casual language and complex theory to make profound statements, and wields both confidently. Her new collection of essays, … Continue reading BAD FEMINIST: Colloquial and Profound

Sheila Heti & Roxane Gay Talk Twitter

Two of our favorite authors, Sheila Heti and Roxane Gay, talked to one another as part of Heti's What Would Twitter Do? series on The Believer blog. If you're a fan of Roxane Gay, you know she's a mighty popular, and active, author on Twitter. Their conversation digs into her relationship with the social medium and the role … Continue reading Sheila Heti & Roxane Gay Talk Twitter

Roxane Gay: A Night of “Startling Contrasts”

~post by Katie P. Roxane Gay is both a product of her time and timeless. When she stopped by BookPeople to celebrate the release of her latest novel, An Untamed State, RGay (as  she’s known on Twitter) engaged her audience in an excellent, thorough discussion that included both celebrity gossip (Solange and Jay-Z did what??) … Continue reading Roxane Gay: A Night of “Startling Contrasts”