Words of Williams (part III)

Good news dear readers! Our trusted man, E.D Williams has once again stared into the abyss and returned with a rollicking and invigorating post. Now into our third installment, E.D. battles against the dull blade of summer with only his pen and wits to protect him. Enjoy his prose thoroughly, but remember, Williams is a trained professional - any injuries or fatalities incurred during your attempts at mimicry have no legal recourse with this fine online publication. With that said, I give you....E.D. Williams: The rolly pollies are rolling in their graves. The banana spiders have grown as thick as a milk maid's wrist and the mosquitoes are blood drunk and buzzing. Butterflies are liars and anyone worth their weight in Bacillus Thuringiensis knew them from before as very hungry caterpillars. This is summer in the garden of sweat and swelter; the throes of the heat index, if you will. Hello again. I'm Engle Dale Williams and more so than any book, I would recommend a stiff drink and a deep woods insect repellent. It's only practical. But enough of all this rigamarole. Let's reminisce.