What We’re Reading 3/10

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Though they’ve been busy rounding up books in store to run out to your curbside spots, our booksellers are here to tell you all about their favorite reads from this week! Check out their recommendations below.


Band of Sisters by Lauren Willig

Band of Sisters is based on the true story of a group of extraordinary women from Smith College who headed to the warfront in France to provide humanitarian relief during World War I. I loved this novel’s celebration of female friendship, the voices of the ensemble cast, and the rich historical detail on every page. It’s compelling and absorbing – the perfect book for the armchair time-traveler.

— Olivia


A fascinating exploration of the lyrics of Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey and Billie Holiday through a (Black) feminist lens and an important addition to the scholarship of the blues which has been dominated by (surprise!) white male writers. Instead of relying on existing transcriptions, Davis went to the trouble to manually transcribe the songs which are included in the last third of the book.
— Shades



Milk Blood Heat by Dantiel W. Moniz

The beauty of Milk Blood Heat is how well Dantiel W. Moniz lifts up the voices of the characters in each story she tells. Her lyrical prose does not detract from their experiences; doesn’t gloss over the pain and rawness; doesn’t make any hope they may hold into a shiny, fragile bauble. What I love is the immediacy and intimacy with which Moniz imbues these tales. Milk Blood Heat strikes me as a command–Moniz has taken these quintessential bodily substances, combined and ignited them, creating a very potent short story collection about ordinary people caught up in the flames of life.

— Christine

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