What We’re Reading 1/6

Woohoo! It’s the first Wednesday of a brand new year, and our booksellers are back to help you pick out the perfect book to kick off 2021! Read on to see which titles they’ve had their noses buried since January arrived. 


9780143108276The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov

I love reading the old Russian greats—your Dostoevskys, Pushkins, Turgenevs—but they couldn’t have prepared me for the sheer wackiness of/ fun I’d be having with The Master and Margarita. Bulgakov’s biting, fantastical satire transports us to Moscow in spring where the Devil and his demonic posse have just shown up to wreak absolute havoc on the cityfolk. And that’s just the first chapter! There’s a walking-talking cat, witches, a sanitorium with an ever-growing patient list, and a lil’ side story taking place in ancient Jerusalem (?!). Why wouldn’t you want to read this one?
— Uriel

9781645051985My Androgynous Boyfriend By Tamekou

Okay, I saw the first volume of this manga on our Valentine’s Day display on the floor last week and I HAD to read it. If the cover art isn’t enough to convince you, then I just don’t know. Wako works in the publishing world, and her boyfriend Meguru works at a clothing store and obsessed over all things cute and new fashion. By the time the manga starts they’ve been together for 6 years, and it’s just an adorable, drama-free slice of life. If you want cute art and adorable loving characters, this is for you!!! Also f**k gender norms and gender in general, am I right??
— Bug 

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