What We’re Reading 11/18

Hey y’all! Another week, another Wednesday. You know what that means–it’s time for our booksellers to tell you all about what they’re reading this week! Check out the page below for some new recommendations heading into the holiday season this year.


I Want to Be Where the Normal People Are by Rachel Bloom

I was already a fan of Rachel Bloom, so it’s no surprise that I devoured her absolutely delightful memoir in one day. Like all the best comedian memoirs, it’s both funny and honest, and by the end you’ll wish she was your best friend so the two of you could hang out and talk about Sondheim and sketch comedy all day. Highly recommended for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fans, and anyone who just loves a solid humorous essay collection.

— Olivia


Self Care by Leigh Stein

In this fizzy bummer, Leigh Stein takes a sharp, human, funny look at the dominating archetype of modern feminism — the very online girlboss. This is like American Psycho, if Patrick Bateman was a co-founder of an online platform devoted to self-care (and the associated products) but instead of murdering women, he murdered their souls (including his own). Also similar to American Psycho is the Stein’s use of popular brands, websites, and pop culture to indicate everything from class level to the likelihood someone is a pervy misogynist. The effect is a deeply fascinating, deeply disturbing take on what happens when the more toxic, more exploitative, more hypocritical aspects of flash fame, social media, corporate feminism, and, yes, self care infiltrate these women’s relationships, work lives, and their very own senses of self. Unlike many of the things hawked online, a necessary tonic!



The Mist by Stephen King

In Maine, a supermarket full of people becomes enveloped by a thick mist. Those who walk out into the mist don’t come back, and it soon becomes clear something is lurking out there. While the survivors try to protect themselves from the dangers outside, they begin to learn that it’s far more dangerous to be inside. By the Master of Horror himself, The Mist is a bleak reminder of how easily we take the safety of civilization for granted, and how easily it can slip away.


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