What We’re Reading 10/28

Eeek! It’s Halloween week already! Looking for something dark, creepy, or just plain fun to keep you up at night? Look no further! Our booksellers have got you covered with their favorite spooky season reads!

When Jack and Jill find a staircase at the bottom of their grandmother’s truck, the twin girls don’t waste any time looking behind their shoulders at their controlling parents before they descend the steps. At the base, they find themselves marooned in the Moors, a sparse landscape straight from a horror film. At night, werewolves prowl the land while vampires watch over the village from their castles. Lovecraftian monsters churn below the ocean surface and the dead are raised back to life. This short tale is part of a series about children who find themselves at home in worlds entirely apart from our own. Seanan McGuire is sure to send chills up your spine that promise Halloween is just around the corner!
— Lilli

9780316015844Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

A hauntingly beautiful romance, Twilight tells the story of teenager Bella Swan. Bella moves to the small town of Forks in search of a new life. There, she runs into Edward, a pale and mysterious, yet strikingly handsome boy. While Edward initially pushes Bella away, he comes to realize that she isn’t like other girls, and they start to bond. As a 23 year-old man, I feel that author Stephanie Meyer perfectly captures the mind of a high school girl. I’m only a few chapters in, but I’m excited to see where this romance goes!

— Graeme

9780593128480A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik

I know I’m biased because I love Novik’s work (I may have screamed a little when I heard she had a new book), but I DEVOURED A Deadly Education and I can’t wait for the next serving! I read until my eyes blurred out at 3 a.m. and dove back in first thing when I woke. The world Novik has built is fantastic: high magic fueled by mana (or malia, if you’re a bad witch), a school that actively tries to kill its students, and a deeply relatable protagonist (for all us introverts) are masterfully combined with entertaining and fresh twists to produce a story I desperately want to spend more time in (and can envision inspiring a mass of fan-fiction). Thrilling with an edge of horror, a strong critique of privilege, and plenty of (sarcastic, witty) humor, I would recommend Naomi Novik’s latest for fans of contemporary magic schools, highly destructive spells, and libraries as (mostly) safe havens.

— Tomoko

9781338280128Ghost Squad by Claribel A. Ortega

Lucely knows ghosts are real. After all, most of her favorite family members are ghosts! But when she and her friend Syd accidentally-on-purpose cast an unauthorized (aka seriously misguided) spell in the cemetery, they’re suddenly facing down ghostly powers of a decidedly UNFRIENDLY kind. Luckily, Syd’s grandmother is secretly a member of an ancient coven and has more than one trick up her sleeve. Arming her newly formed squad with ghost repelling Razzle-Dazzlers AND a Spectral Master 4000, she leads them back into the night to reckon with the paranormal mess they’ve made in this wildly entertaining supernatural adventure. Who needs Ghostbusters when you’ve got the Ghost Squad!

— Meghan

Can’t wait till next Wednesday? Find more picks like these online at BookPeople.com!

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