What We’re Reading 10/7

Happy first week of October, everyone! Bring on the pumpkins, the cobwebs, the full moons, and certainly, new book recommendations! Check out the page below to see what our booksellers have been enjoying this week.


Who We’re Reading When We’re Reading Murakami by David Karashima

Author and translator David Karashima attempts to pull back the curtain on the Murakami machine in Who We’re Reading When We’re Reading Murakami—taking the focus off of Haruki Murakami himself and instead training the spotlight on the translators and editors behind that success. Though it upends any notion that Murakami became some kind of overnight sensation on the strength of his work alone, Who We’re Reading is illuminating in many ways. Karashima not only unpacks the tricky business of translating for an English-speaking audience, but how publishers market an author as a brand and elevate them to literary acclaim. All the while, we’re introduced to a wily bunch of backers that nurtured the voice and persona of the reclusive Murakami. Fascinating, cerebral and engaging, Karashima’s penned a book Murakami fanatics and completionists alike will want to grab ahold of.



Green Lantern: Legacy by Minh Lê and Andie Tong

Always room for another Green Lantern, Tai Pham rings through from sketching teen to cosmic cop channeling the wisdom of his grandmother through repelling assaults of Sinestro Corps! Great design, endearing friends, family, and legacy!

–Griffin, Green Lantern: Legacy


Cantoras by Carolina De Roberts

I found this a very enlightening and entertaining read. From escaping a heavily-surveilled major city in a dictatorship to boldly and lovingly creating a space of their own, the women of this novel allow you to feel fear, pain, hope, despair, and relief at the same time. And you can learn a little bit about recent Uruguayan history along the way! It was aptly described to me as a “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants meets Uruguayan Lesbians.” A must read of 2020.


Want even more recommendations? Find these titles and so many more on our website at BookPeople.com!

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