BookKids: Book Buyer’s Spotlight!

Our Children’s Book Buyer Meghan shines the spotlight on three books she’s excited about this month! Check out her August picks– they’re all available to order at

By Tina Cho, illus. by Jess X. Snow
Recommended for ages 4 & up
Dayeon years to dive deep under the waves with her Grandma, just as the women in her family have always done. She isn’t so sure about the hidden dangers lurking beneath the surface, but with a little encouragement she’s soon enthusiastically swimming alongside all the “granny mermaids” to reach the delicious treasure on the seafloor. Full color paintings illuminate this intimate intergenerational tale, offering a stunning celebration of the beauty of the sea and a call to protect the delicate balance of its ecosystem.

Extend this story at home! – Watch the real world Haenyeo divers in action below!

By Evan Turk
Recommended for ages 4 & up
In fifteenth-century Venice, glass-blowing was an artform reserved for men. But this luminous biography shines a light on Marietta Barovier, the daughter of one such glass blower who subverted tradition, made art on her own terms, and left behind a legacy of her very own. Inspired by the mosaics of San Marco, Marietta rediscovers a lost art, creating shimmering, light infused millefiori as the Romans once did and transforms them into Rosetta Beads, soon to be coveted around the globe. Magnificent, light-infused illustrations offer an inspired tribute to Marietta’s determination, innovation, and artistry. 

By Aliza Layne
Recommended for ages 9 & up
Beetle is a 12 year old goblin who would rather do pretty much anything other than studying goblin magic — ideally hanging out with her adorable best friend Blob Ghost at the ‘Allows Town Mall or reconnecting with budding sorcerer Kat Hollowbones, a former friend (who’s maybe becoming a little more). But Beetle’s magic skills might be needed after all (along with Kat’s) when Blob Ghost’s home is threatened by a witchy plot to blow up the mall! Packed to the brim with oodles of personality and spooktacular characters, Aliza Layne’s debut graphic novel offers an action-packed adventure layered with fantastic friendships and real heart. Irresistible goblin fun!


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