Teen Thursday: Pre-order Favorites from the Teen Press Corps!

The Teen Press Corps got their hands on a bunch of great Advance Reading Copies, and they want to share some of their favorites for you to pre-order! Check out what they have to say…

9780593117255A Wicked Magic by Sasha Laurens – Releases 7/28 – PRE-ORDER HERE!

“I picked up A Wicked Magic mostly because the cover was stunning, but once I started I was absolutely hooked. I just wanted to keep reading and reading and reading. The characters are so well developed. You’re rooting for all three girls, yet each girl had their faults. The focus on female friendship is wonderful and truly shaped the story into something much deeper than your classic YA thriller.” – Hanna Lou

9780593108239_1157dDarius the Great Deserves Better by Adib Khorram – Releases 8/25 – PRE-ORDER HERE!

Darius the Great Deserves Better feels like a smooth transition from its predecessor. It’s definitely more of a companion than a sequel, but the story doesn’t feel as frivolous or self-serving as most companion novels. When I finished reading I felt just as emotionally impacted and satisfied as I did at the end of Darius the Great Is Not Okay. Darius is one of my favorite YA characters because he is deeply relatable while not being cynical…Darius’ story has come to an end in the best way possible and I am itching to see what fantastic, empathetic journey Adib takes me on next.” – Ivy

9781368052405The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes – Releases 9/1 – PRE-ORDER HERE!

This story is fueled by the fact that you constantly want to know how it ends. Why was Avery chosen? What are all these games and riddles Mr. Hawthorne played with his 4 grandsons? Why is the Hawthorne family so messed up? This played out really well with the short chapter format, which made this story super easy and enjoyable to read… I really loved this book and the story! There’s so much to find below the surface, and behind the secrets of Tobias Hawthorne.” – Liri

9781250250469Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas – Releases 9/1 – PRE-ORDER HERE!

“Overall, Cemetery Boys was a fresh, raw, and dynamic adventure wrapped in a diverse and well-paced package. Yadriel is the perfect hero, Julian is the perfect love interest, and the ticking clock to Día de Muertos was the perfect deadline. Aiden Thomas has written an encouragingly brilliant debut that is pure, magical, queer, glowing joy right down to its core.” – Ivy


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