What We’re Reading 7/8

Looking for something to do in the A/C to escape these lovely July heatwaves? Our booksellers have got your back! Read on for recommendations in romance, fantasy, and fiction!


The Falling In Love Montage by Ciara Smyth

This is the indie lesbian romcom movie of your dreams, except it’s a book. Complete with medical drama, a supposed female rake, a manic pixie dream girl, a stolen swan boat, and a grand gesture. Now to truly confuse you, I’ll say that all of that happens and yet the entire book feels honest and raw in a way that will make you totally deny that it’s stereotypical for even a second. Saoirse as a break-the-third-wall narrator is one more cliche to add the list, but the way her perspective shapes what we do and don’t see of the story is done so exquisitely. If she doesn’t want to talk about it, she doesn’t. We skip forward. All loose ends are tied by the end though, so her avoidance is never annoying. Just relatable. With an agreement to start a relationship with a deadline, the whole book takes on a theme of permanence and if what we do matters if it doesn’t last. Hilarious and heart-wrenching, I read this book in one sitting and couldn’t even convince myself to pause for a cup of tea.



9781534449671Into the Tall, Tall Grass by Loriel Ryon

Epic fantasy for folk who don’t like epic fantasy: no wizards, no magic, but plenty folktale adventure. Yolanda Rodriguez-O’Connor has it rough; mother passed at her and her twin’s birth, father has been reassigned on an inscrutable foreign mission, she has lost her best friend to her sister, her abuela has fallen into unnatural sleep, and social services comes tomorrow! Her only hope is to fulfill her promise to deliver her Buela to the last surviving pecan tree through the sudden and mysteriously tall grass. This is an easy read like taking a long hot walk to a cool spring with people you didn’t know were your friends!




The Girl With the Louding Voice by Abi Daré

This debut by Abi Dare is a journey that brings the shake of a louding voice! Adunni is a young woman who knows what she wants– an education and a chance at independence– NOT marriage. But a promise to her mother is broken and she is married off to a man thrice her age. Adunni may not have the strongest voice at the beginning, but her journey brings many revelations and the push she needs to finally be heard.



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