Teen Thursday: Signed Books Galore!

Yesterday we featured some signed books for younger readers! Today, we’re showcasing some great signed books for young adults, all recommended by BookPeople booksellers AND members of our Teen Press Corps. These signed books are available at bookpeople.com. Just type “SIGNED COPY” at checkout!

9780062457820Infinity Son by Adam Silvera

“My attention was certainly kept by Infinity Son. There was close to an obscene amount of plot twists, but each one was still surprising and made me want to keep reading. Sure, the novel was packed with cliches, but it’s how Silvera revisits some of these specific moments that makes the story pop and the references more enjoyable…Silvera obviously enjoyed the heck out of writing this book, because it shows in his work. It is an action-packed, somewhat hokey, and appropriately relatable novel that is a worthwhile addition to any YA fan’s shelf. ” – Ivy, TPC

9781984812209Frankly in Love by David Yoon

“Frank Li is dealing with some pretty typical high school stuff while also contending with his cultural identity as a Korean American teen. This deeply personal story is emotional, funny, and smart. Sure to spur discussion and thought.” – Ellen



9781534445970Permanent Record by Mary HK Choi

“After dropping out of NYU, Pablo Rind is aimless, working nights at his local bodega and avoiding his ever-growing pile of bills. One night, Leanna Smart, former Disney actress and pop superstar, walks into his bodega, chats him up about snacks (his one true passion), and changes his life forever. Choi smartly dives into the ups and downs of social media and how it alters our relationships, all while focusing on that terrifying and exciting time known as our 20s. A fun, fantastical romance that isn’t afraid to get messy, Permanent Record gets real on family expectations, student debt, and more.” – Eugenia

9781250078384Supernova by Marissa Meyer

“An epic conclusion to the Renegades trilogy, Supernova is packed with intrigue and power struggles that will keep you wondering who the heroes really are. For readers who enjoy conflicted villains, strong characters, politics, and superheroes!” – Colleen, TPC



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