BookKids: Homeschooling Recommendation of the Week!

Like many of you, our Children’s Book Buyer Meghan is spending a little more time than usual at home with her family. So we thought it would be useful– and even, dare we say, fun?– to have her try out some activities and share her recommendations for y’all to keep kiddos engaged and busy at home!

First, I must note that I am a 30-year-old woman and people tend to frown upon childless adults doing activities meant for children, like baking mini eraser aliens. So I tend to live vicariously through Meghan’s children. This is all to say that before we move on to Meghan’s actual homeschooling recommendation of the week, I wanted to share photos of the activity *I* most wanted to try….. LOOK AT HER KIDS’ MINI ERASER ALIENS! AAH!

Look how cute! I’m so jealous! You can order these here!

Anyway… moving on.

My tried-and-true homeschooling recommendation of the week is the Lawrence King Story Box sets,” she says.

Story Box

“For my 7-year-old who sat down and carefully crafted a 4-page story on his own and my 5 year-old who loved brainstorming his version out with me, these story building cards have already kept us busy for several hours of homeschooling fun. The great thing? We can mix up the cards and do it all again tomorrow. Keep fighting the good fight, fellow parents. We’re all in for a rough ride!”

You can buy the Story Box through our BookShop site, here!

We’re excited to share more tried-and-true activities to keep kids busy and engaged during this time at home. Have you had success with any workbooks, puzzles, or silly activities with your families? Let us know below!

One thought on “BookKids: Homeschooling Recommendation of the Week!

  1. I think they are great resources and you are doing a superb job! Any way of getting through this time is admirable. If you or your readers are interested, do check out for more info on proper autonomous child led home education which is very different from homeschooling through COVID 19.

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