What We’re Reading 3/18

Hello, Austin book community! This week has brought with it many changes. Health and safety concerns ahve already affected our lives in so many ways — school and work being disrupted, social events being cancelled, the words social distancing being added to our vocabularies. Here at the store, we also have some changes happening. BookPeople’s doors will be closed to the public through March 29th, but we’ll still be offering the same great customer service online and through our brand new curbside pick-up service. So  give us a call and we’ll gladly run books out to you (as well as games, puzzles, socks, and whatever else you need to stay entertained). We’re also offering free shipping until March 22nd! Check out BookPeople homepage to for full instructions on these new policies and keep up with us on social media — we’re @BookPeople on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

Here are the books that we’ve been reading this week while we keep up that social distance.



The Ice Cream Man & Other Stories by Sam Pink

Reading this feels like someone holding you gently then occasionally and systematically giving you a squeeze so hard your lungs scream, which sounds unpleasant but – in fact – it is awesome. Every single one of these stories looks right at you and says “I get you.” Small things matter in Pink’s writing, they matter in a way that somehow makes existential matters less ominous, less lonely. Pink is a killer and this collection is life-ruiningly relatable. Also comforting. Also funny. Also merciless.





Temporary by Hilary Leighter

A sometimes pirate, sometimes hitman’s assistant wades interminably through the muck of temporary positions, searching for the elusive steadiness a career job will surely usher in. Whether she’s dropping bombs on an unknown locale or handing out fat stacks of informative pamphlets, our unnamed narrator trudges along dauntlessly in a world turned upside down. This darkly comedic take on the failings of late stage capitalism is Hillary Leichter’s marvelous debut that fearlessly questions every authority and holds every institution accountable. Temporary is not to be missed!




The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers

If you’re looking for a sci fi novel set in a not so distant future where humans are the least evolved species—having to catch up on everything from physics and language to gender and sexuality—look no further.






Check out our website or call the store at (512) 472 – 5050 to stock up on on these titles and more for the week ahead. Happy reading, y’all!

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