What We’re Reading 2/19

Anther week, another round of recommendations from our booksellers! Read on to see what pages their noses have been stuck in this week, from sci-fi, to teen lit, to fiction.



A Trick of Light by Stan Lee

Do you miss Stan Lee? Me too. I went into this book hesitant about what I would find and left with a sense of nostalgia. Writing about internet obsessed teens without butchering modern slang or feeling dated is a feat in and of itself. Stan always had his finger on the pulse of youth culture. In short, Cameron gains the ability of cyberkinesis and makes an internet friend. It’s as relatable as you’d hope it would be.





9780553538441Everyone We’ve Been by Sarah Everett

This book was a little ridiculous, but in a fun way. Addison begins seeing the vision of a boy that feels comforting for her after she gets into a bus accident. In a before-and-after technique we learn that this boy was like spicy candy, crazy yet irresistible. I definitely had a fun time reading it.






9781566895163Stephen Florida by Gabe Habash

If you loved the movie Whiplash, this story is for you; if you almost loved but didn’t quite care for Whiplash the way you imagined the general public was insisting that you ought to, this story is DEFINITELY for you. Wrestling is almost a side character in this intensive and visceral deep dive into a one-of-a-kind mind. Stephen, a college senior in his final attempt at winning the wrestling championship he has always dreamed of, pummels the page with all the darkest, sincerest pieces of his mind. It’s awesome. Also the frogman will haunt me for a long while to come. Seriously, there is something called the frogman. It’s in the corner of the room. It’s always there. But don’t look directly at it. I won’t say anymore.

– Lindsey


Find these titles on our shelves, or on our website. Happy reading, y’all!

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