What We’re Reading 2/5

Another week, another round of recommendations! As always, our booksellers have plenty to say about books. Read below for reviews of heart-wrenching fiction, thrilling true crime, and a good dose of playful humor. 


9780062963673The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

This was my first time reading an Ann Patchett novel, and I don’t regret it. I applaud Patchett for being able to keep me so invested in the relationship between two siblings, Danny and Maeve, and the hardships and growing pains they endure. Patchett does an amazing job bringing the characters to life and giving them their own voice. I definitely recommend this book to anyone that’s looking for well written adult contemporary reads.





9781250118493The Midnight Assassin by Skip Hollandsworth

I can’t believe I didn’t know about this story before. I grew up in Austin and have never heard of this thrilling piece of Austin’s history. I’m very glad I read it so that I can share this story with others. This story, which chronicles the murders committed by one of the first American serial killers, is among the most mysterious and thrilling that I’ve heard in a good while. It is a must read for true crime fans and Austin history buffs the same.





9780062970701Strange Planet by Nathan Pyle

Marvelous beings! Replenish your cup of jitter liquid or hot leaf juice and ready your desires for a completely unique experience! Over 100 pictures, ancient and novel, of the daily occurrences of blue life forms will give you joy. Ideal for festive occasions or simple pleasantry, prepare for       e x c e l l e n c e !!




Find these great titles and so many more in our store or on our website! Happy reading!

One thought on “What We’re Reading 2/5

  1. Disappointed in Book people.
    Shaun King is no “Activist “… he is a Race-baiter to say the least.
    Guessing you don’t know his history.

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