What We’re Reading 1/29

Our booksellers are back, ready to pitch anything from fiction to graphic novels and fantasy. Read on to get some inspo for your next read!


9780374155018Find Me by André Aciman

From the opening, I was delightfully surprised by André Aciman’s Find Me. Picking up fifteen years after the summer of Call Me By Your Name, the four sections explore what became of Samuel, Elio, and Oliver’s lives. Deeply romantic in its perspective of life, family, and relationships, Find Me infuses every page with hope that we can always restart what we had to stop, listen to voices and songs long gone, and find what has been lost.

— Rachel R




9780593118405The Runaway Princess by Johan Troianowski

Borrowing from the likes of Alice in Wonderland and The Wonderful Wizard of OZ, writer and illustrator Johan Troianowski introduces us to Princess Robin, our incautiously optimistic heroine who falls heart first into every adventure. Whether winding her way through a forest of ogres and gnomes; attending an “aquatic carnival” of sirens and sea serpents suspended in water droplets; or navigating by firefly glow through the Autumn Witch’s Kingdom of Darkness, Robin greets each challenge with a warm welcome, boundless curiosity, and resolute courage. To take a leaf out of Princess Robin’s travel journal, I implore you to read, interact with, and, most importantly, get hopefully lost in The Runaway Princess. I know I did.

— Olivia

9780061186479M is for Magic by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman explores the bizarre, the dark, the mystical, and the fantastical in this short story collection. Although it’s more geared for a teen audience than a kid audience, M is for Magic nonetheless possesses vivid imagery and an array of themes concerning first love, fleeting life, melancholy, and adventure. “Chivalry” and “The Price” stick out as my favorites of the collection! If you’re new to Neil Gaiman’s short stories or curious about those two works in particular, I’d check this title out.

— Sierra



Find these titles and so many more in store and online!

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