What We’re Reading 1/8

Looking for a new book to read in the new year? Look no further! Here’s our weekly list of suggestions from your very own local booksellers.


9781566895620_02356Reinhardt’s Garden by Mark Haber

Mark Haber’s little novel is a breathless epic that, in a single paragraph, transports readers from provincial Europe to the far-flung forests of South America, tracing the path of the wealthy eccentric Jacov Reinhardt and his loyal scribe in search of the elusive sense of melancholy.

It is a mesmerizing, drug-addled trot down a path of madness that strings you along page by page. Reinhardt’s Garden evokes notes of Conrad and Bolaño in a style that feels all Haber’s own.



9780062433732_c8a6eLady Killers: Deadly Women Throughout History by Tori Telfer

Who doesn’t love a good lady killer? This book is informative and also super interesting. I read this book in two days, because I just couldn’t stop reading it.





9781501183508_23d1cThe Behavior of Love by Virginia Reeves

Ed is a behavioral psychiatrist and superintendent at an institution in Montana. And his wife, Laura, is an artist who works on her art full time.

They are, what appears to the outside world,  a beautiful, happy couple… but of course there’s more happening under the surface.

Enter the 16 year-old Penelope, who is a patient at Ed’s institution.

She is smart and beautiful and helps with the patients that are mentally disabled. When she starts a reading group for the other patients, what was once a slight flirtation starts to become love. And that’s just the start of the craziness of this story.

This novel is an exploration of human nature and behaviors, and the way we express love and how it can alter our decisions. Quite the literary fiction novel, it was difficult to put down, and easy to just read in an afternoon.


You can find these titles and other bookseller favorites from previous posts in-store and online now!

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