What We’re Reading 12/11

So many books, so little time. It’s a sad fact of life for many readers. But our booksellers are here to give you the 411 on titles you may have on your radar, and honestly, no one gives it to you the way a bookseller will. Check out these blurbs and mini reviews of titles our booksellers have their noses in currently!

img_0373The Revisioners by Margaret Wilkerson Sexton

The impalement of time and circumstances are the bones of this epic familial story. The women in this novel are faced with irresistible opportunities and haunting sacrifices.

Josephine, a past runaway slave during the start of Jim Crow and KKK uprisings, is now a grandmother trying to make the best decisions for her family. From present time, Ava is a single mother in New Orleans who is wanting to create better opportunities for her son.

The Revisioners seeks to give grace to these Black conjurers gifted with the power to create growth and the wisdom to pass this on to the next; closing this book, I was filled with gratitude for my Black predecessors. I was reminded that our histories will never be erased, because we are the living proof of our ancestors radical existence.



img_0374In the Dream House by Carmen Maria Machado

Carmen Maria Machado’s nonfiction debut, In the Dream House, is an engrossing and oftentimes difficult read. She writes openly about a year and half-long relationship to an abusive partner, a romance full of desire and destruction.

All the while, her memoir unpacks the myriad misconceptions surrounding queer relationships and the beguiling effect love and attraction have on someone in the throes of psychological turmoil.

I read this compulsively over the course of a few days and haven’t been able to forget just how beautifully rendered this book is on a sentence-to-sentence level.



image3Codependence by Amy Long

Amy Long has written a memoir of sorts, written out in essays about exactly what the title hints at, and that is Codependence. It mostly centers around her dependence on opioids because of self shattering migraines, but also about codependence at other points in her life. I can’t wait to read this beautiful looking piece of work, and see what she does next!

— Lojo


Be sure to join us here next week and every week when our booksellers give you the scoop on their current reads!

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