What We’re Reading 11/13

9781536200966The Lost Coast by Amy Rose Capetta

This book blew me away. The deftness of Capetta’s writing pulls off what in another author’s hands would come off as cheap or silly. I was particularly drawn to the representation of the landscapes’ flora and fauna as characters just as important as the humans. This transhumanism invokes such a magical aesthetic that enhances an already wonderful story.




9780525521693_98aacCantoras by Carolina de Robertis

This is a very special book, with moments, places, and people who have stayed with me in bright, glorious detail in the weeks since finishing it. We start off with five women, a hut on a secret beach hidden from the growing surveillance of the Uruguayan government, and a pact — to think of this found place as home and each other as family. From there, we dive deeper into each of their lives, floating from lonely rockstar love to unspeakable days in prison. I loved these characters, the love they had for each other, and the bravery that love gave them in living fully in the face of an increasingly hostile world.


9781984803696_5c896Salvation Day by Kali Wallace

A cinematic experience! Fast-paced and high-intensity, Salvation Day is a cross-genre cosmic adventure, blending themes of a deep-space sci-f and a close-quarters thriller, while also adding an interesting spin to the zombie trope. Author Kali Wallace’s heroine is bold and determined, advocating for immigrants and refugees and challenging the authority she once firmly believed. Without a doubt, this book is impossible to put down—you will be reading well into the night!


Check back with us next week when we take a peek at what your favorite BookFriends at BookPeople are diving into.

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