What We’re Reading 10/9

9780525520221_2dd94I Am, I Am, I Am by Maggie O’Farrell

Man! Maggie has been through the ringer! She was not lying when she said she has had seventeen near-death experiences. Have you ever failed an exam and felt utterly defeated by life, but then you found out your best friend bombed it, too, and that comforted you? Solidarity. I felt that.




9781477316498_f5667Earl Campbell: Yards After Contact by Asher Price

I’m absolutely loving Earl Campbell: Yards after Contact. In it, journalist Asher Price unpacks the legend of Earl Campbell, the football player, and pieces together the portrait of man forged by East Texas politics and culture in the post-Civil Rights era. From the rose farms of Tyler to the 40 Acres in Austin and the booming metropolis of Houston, Price digs deep to humanize the bruiser that took defenders by storm most Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

The narrative that gets spun is as much a riveting sports story as it is a deep examination of race relations in the South and the struggle to desegregate the University of Texas.

Earl Campbell: Yards after Contact is a well-researched, fast-paced and inexhaustible piece of Lone Star lore. I don’t think you even have to be much of a football fan to enjoy this title.



9780804172653_93e08The Telling by Jo Baker

Jo Baker is so brilliant. This book is addicting. Vivid descriptions and exciting plot events will have you hooked! You will find yourself being brought to another time through vivid imagery and excellent character development just to be brought back suddenly to the present in this haunting and thrilling novel.



Be sure to check back with us next week for our bookseller reads and recommendations!

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